For the past ten years Ange has been acting on your desire to always eat better. Ever attentive to the changes in your daily concerns, it is with the right mix of passion and respect for the profession that our bakers honour the 7 commitments which make Ange your healthy, gourmet accomplice in everyday life.

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When it comes to wheat, our TLC is in every grain. We take the best ingredients under our wing and to hell with the rest ! Ingredients, know-how and recipes: the gourmet trinity that makes our products devilishly better!

At Ange, we strongly believe that you can multiply bread by dividing pesticides. That’s why all our flours are made from CRC© (Controlled Sustainable Cultivation) soft wheat. By treating the crops less, we treat our customers better.

Joining the CRC© means committing to :

  • French cereals
  • A sustainable crop, without post-harvest treatment
  • Biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices
  • Fair remuneration

It’s hellish choosing between the good price and good quality. So to make you feel good, we offer you both. Our products are kneaded with quality, but their prices aren’t sky-high.

Throwing away our unsold goods at the end of the day would be a sin! That’s why we systematically offer them to charities. Angelic? No, just human.


Moreover, we are partners of Too Good To Go which aims to fight against food waste. 130 bakeries in our network have joined it. @toogoodtogo #antigaspi

To give back a central, principal place to local agriculture, to remunerate its production at its “fair value”, to prove that the financialisation of raw food materials is not inevitable… These are the motivations behind this pact.


First of all, the AGRI-ETHIQUE pact focused on wheat, THE most symbolic nutritional value! It is important to perpetuate its production in France in a sustainable way. Today the price of wheat is dependent on world stocks, climatic conditions in other countries, rumours and financial speculation. All these changing phenomena can create famines in countries that can no longer afford to buy wheat, which often constitutes the bulk of their diet.


At the heart of the AGRI-ETHIQUE WHEAT approach is the setting of a secure wheat price for 3 years. Thanks to this fixed price, AGRI-ETHIQUE frees itself from the effects of financial speculation by ensuring visibility, security and serenity for both the farmer and the buyer.

The French AGRI-ETHIQUE pact is based on reciprocal and equitable commitments between the different players in the wheat sector. Its aim is to ensure that everyone wins and that consumers benefit from locally grown products that are produced in a sustainable manner.

When you buy an AGRI-ETHIQUE wheat-based product, you are helping to preserve local jobs, to guarantee French farmers an income allowing them to invest with a long-term vision, and you are acting in favour of the environment. All this without paying more for your bread!


Go to the agri-éthique website to find out more!

We give priority to job seekers. In accordance with a contract signed with the national employment agency, it is our priority to offer our new employees permanent contracts, as well as training. Each bakery has about a dozen employees.


Similarly, each year we welcome at least 3 apprentices per bakery. Welcoming and passing on know-how to these young people is of paramount importance for us and our future strength. For more information:

If there is a little corner of paradise on earth, it is the bakery, a daily rendez-vous full of warmth. For us, welcoming you with a smile is not a commitment, it’s a pleasure.