Ange, it's fiendishly superior!

More flavour

Know-how, quality, freshness, but, best of all, great taste!

More eco-friendly

CRC® crops help conserve the environment through reduced residues in soil and water from pesticides, nitrates and heavy metals.

Healthier lifestyle

Far fewer chemicals are used in the production of our CRC® flours, which also contain extra fibre; simple raw materials, produced to the highest standards.




Artisanal baking ange fiendishly superior



ange trois fois meilleurs

Bakeries are back in fashion!

Gourmets and bread-lovers, our aim was to create an excellent product at an affordable price. It was with this founding principle that Ange bakery was established...

Quality, freshness, in full compliance with hygiene and environmental standards, we prepare and bake before your very eyes. Ange bakeries combine modernity and tradition to bring you ever-improved breads. Our friendly sales assistants will welcome you with a smile and advise you on your purchases.

Come and try our Ange products: bread, baguettes, pizzas, pastries, cakes, salads and sandwiches.