Ange bakery


Behind every Ange bakery are men and women with different jobs but with a common passion for making good products, with a smile, in accordance with our three values of Quality, Respect and Pleasure.



Julien, 28 years old

What motivates me as an Ange Production Manager?

Here we have “positive” pressure. I have to manage a team of 8 people and it’s never the same routine. In addition, we offer our customers many new products. With 2 menus a year, the new products, products of the month… In short, there’s no such thing as routine!

Finally, I think that Ange is implementing a genuine approach in favour of ecology. The CRC© flour for example is one that is close to my heart.


What are the qualities required to be a Production Manager at Ange?

The first quality for me is to know how to listen. You have to free up time to train the teams. Finally, I’d say we have the team we deserve! It’s up to us to make people want to join us, to create a good atmosphere.


My career path?

I have a CPC as a Cook/Pastry cook and Baker. I was able to progress at Ange from Preparer to Assistant then Production Manager.


Rémi, 26 years old

What do I like about being a Preparer at Ange’s?

It’s the team work, the mutual help for example, if I’m ahead in my own work, I’ll do what I can to help another preparer gain time with his or hers… and so on!

What I also like is to make lovely products like the tarts, by being meticulous and respecting the rules of hygiene.


What does it take to be a Preparer at Ange?

Punctuality! Then, you have to be fast and organized.

You also have to like working in a team and be friendly with your colleagues.


My career path?

I studied 5 years in French Pastry/Chocolate/ice cream making. I have a CPC in Chocolate making and Confectionery. I worked for 2 years in an independent bakery-French pastry shop before arriving at ANGE. In 4 years at ANGE, this is my 3rd job: I’ve worked in 2 different bakeries and also as a “roaming baker” in several bakeries to overcome staffing problems.


Maxime, 28 years old

What motivates me as a Baker at Ange’s?

First of all it’s making lovely products! Then the friendly atmosphere. We get along well. I enjoy coming to work. I also like the Challenges. For Mother’s Day for example, we wanted to finish first out of 140 ANGE bakeries… and we did it, we didn’t have a break and we won! Finally, we are followed and trained at Ange by the monitors and the bakery manager. If we have any questions, they help us to improve.


What are qualities required to be a Baker at Ange?

Diligence! We have to be consistent with our products to satisfy our customers. You also have to have stamina, the pace is steady but I like that :). Finally, to be both autonomous and versatile.


My career path?

I did my apprenticeship with an independent baker and passed the CPC speciality French Pastry cooking, the CPC Confectionary/Ice-cream/Chocolate making and finally the CPC speciality Baker. Then I worked for a year in French pastry making in supermarkets and hypermarkets. I’ve been working at ANGE for 10 months now.


Océane, 19 years old

What motivates me as an Angel’s Salesperson?

First of all its selling good products. I like the contact with the customers, the relational side. The atmosphere is good despite a fast pace. On the integration side, I was well taken care of when I arrived. At ANGE, there is a real follow-up. We do stupid things at the beginning (one day, for example, I burned a paper in the oven – what a catastrophy) but we all learn from our mistakes and don’t repeat them!

There’s no routine at ANGE. We have our sales objectives. We help each other, we work as a team. It’s stimulating!


What does it take to be a Salesperson at Ange?

I would say be dynamic, punctual, serious, organized, smiling, convincing and have a team spirit.


My background?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Then I did a work-study technical diploma in Management of Commercial Units  work-study at an Artisan Bakery. I got on well with this environment and I wanted to continue.


Stéphanie, 44 years old

What motivates me as Store Manager at Ange?

Adrenaline! Whether it’s for an opening, the challenges with the other bakeries or to manage the lunchtime rushes 🙂

From an HR point of view, it’s a real satisfaction to train people and to see them grow and evolve. We pass on things, it’s great.

ANGE is more than a network, it’s a family. There’s a lot of mutual help. We’re very closely supervised. For an opening, for example, former franchisees come to help. Everybody helps out.

We’re not at ANGE by chance.


What does it take to be a Store Manager at Ange?

You have to be exemplary! You’re the driving force behind the team so there’s a real mirror effect.

You have to be rigorous and enjoy a challenge!


My career path?

Originally I was a childcare assistant! A totally different job 🙂 But my husband is a baker and together we had 2 independent bakeries. Then, by choice, we stopped. My husband joined ANGE, then an ANGE franchisee contacted me to open a bakery in Plan de Campagne. And that was the beginning of quite an adventure. ANGE Plan de Campagne is a bit like my baby 🙂


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