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emploi preparateur pizza boulangerie ange


Catering assistant:


The catering assistant makes pies, sandwiches, pizzas and all bases (creams, preparations,…) required for these products. He/she also handles the cooking of pastries throughout the day.
This position calls for care and speed to ensure optimum supply of the goods.

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emploi boulanger ange




The baker uses Ange CRC® flour to prepare all the breads from our range. According to the schedule, he/she kneads, shapes and bakes in front of customers.

This position requires a good knowledge of the business and the ability to adapt to Ange's special recipes.

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emploi vendeuse boulangerie ange



Sales Assistant:

The sales assistants at Ange welcome clients and advise them about our products and our commercial offers.

This position requires a pleasant personality and dynamism.

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emploi responsable de production boulangerie ange



Production Manager:

Under the responsibility of the store manager, the production manager directly runs a production team (4-6 people) and organizes the production and equipment maintenance in compliance with the regulations.

This position requires good leadership skills and aptitude for practical work.

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responsable adjointe magasin boulangerie ange



Assistant Store Manager:

The Assistant Manager in Ange bakeries supports the Store Manager in all daily operations. He/she substitutes him/her to ensure cover during opening hours and for absences on leave.

This position of responsibility calls for candidates who are adaptable, independent and versatile.

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responsable magasin boulangerie ange



Store Manager:

The Manager of an Ange bakery has complete responsibility for running a team: recruitment, management, planning, production scheduling. He/she ensures compliance with Ange procedures and takes responsibility for the store's performance.

This position of responsibility calls for a candidate who can work independently and is committed and versatile.

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