Ange is committed


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Our 7 commitments


 Commitment No. 1 better flavour

Where wheat is concerned, we are very particular. Only the very best ingredients are good enough. Anything less, forget it! Ingredients, recipes and know-how: the gastronomic trinity that makes our products fiendishly superior!


 Commitment No. 2 better health

At Ange, we firmly believe that we can multiply loaves by reducing pesticides. This is why our flour is made from soft CRC® wheat (Controlled Resources and Crops): by treating crops less, we treat our customers better.


 Commitment No. 3 better price

Choosing between good value and good quality can be devilishly difficult. But it's heavenly to discover we can offer you both. Our products are the epitome of quality, but the prices are not sky-high.


 Commitment No. 4 More generous

Throwing away unsold bread in the evenings would be a sin! That is why we systematically offer ours to charity. Angeic? No, just human.


 Commitment No. 5 More socially responsible

Just because Anges have wings doesn't mean that their wheat must travel by air! Ours is grown within 250km of the mill, only in France, and ensures a fair return for farmers.


 Commitment No. 6 More solidarity

We give precedence to job seekers. As per our agreement with the Job Centre, we generally offer indefinite employment contracts, as well as training, to our new recruits,. Each bakery has about a dozen employees.


 Commitment No. 7 More welcoming

If there is a little corner of paradise on earth, it is surely the bakery, a daily meeting place excuding warmth. So, welcoming you in with a smile is not only a commitment, but a shared pleasure.