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CRC® flour: The eco-responsible commitment of Ange Bakeries

CRC®, a different approach to production

 CRC® agriculture, or "Controlled Resources and Crops", is an alternative production method with 2 main objectives :

> Producing healthy, high-quality grain
> Respecting the environment and the ecosystems' balance

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Why does Ange select flour made from CRC® soft wheat?

Our customers today are looking for healthy and tasty products, but which have also been manufactured using processes which respect the environment.

We are all well aware that unregulated development and over-aggressive production methods can have a very negative impact on our environment and, consequently, on our health.
We at Ange are committed to offering you bread made from French wheat of a kind that is healthier and kinder to the environment. Together with our millers, we are committed to carefully controlled agriculture, a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. If this choice comes at a cost, we will not increase our prices.
That too is the Ange spirit : we give you the best, but also at the best price!


Artisanal baking ange fiendishly superior

Ange, it's fiendishly superior!  


For a healthier life

"Producing healthy, high quality cereals whilst respecting the environment" is the underlying philosophy of the CRC® approach. By supporting quality, environmentally-friendly agriculture, Ange bakeries can offer bread with a very low levels of pesticides and other chemical and biological residues.

Pesticides : tolerance thresholds up to 500 TIMES LOWER


To protect nature

 The CRC® approach aims to preserve the environment by reducing residues of pesticides, nitrates and heavy metals in soil and water. To achieve this, CRC® cereal production principally involves mechanical or biological methods: pesticide use is not prohibited, but it is seen as a last resort, so as to preserve plants and their ecosystems.

With a view to respecting the environment, particularly water, CRC® advocates the rational application of preventive or curative measures, focusing on mechanical and biological interventions, in which the use of pesticides is a last resort to maintain the good health of the plant and its environment.


For a better flavour

 The reputation of our bread is an accepted fact. By selecting flour made from CRC® grain, we continue to guarantee quality and have only one more goal: to satisfy you at the best possible price.


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