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Giving a central and fundamental role to local farmers, paying a "fair price" for their products, proving that the financialization of basic foodstuffs is not inevitable... These are the motivations behind the pact.

First of all, the AGRO-ETHICS pact was applied to wheat, THE most symbolic of foodstuffs! Now it is a question of establishing long-term production in France in a sustainable manner. Today, the price of wheat depends on world stocks, weather conditions in other countries, rumours and financial speculation. These multiple, variable factors can lead to shortages in countries that no longer have the means to buy grain, even though it often constitutes an essential component of their diet.

A central pillar of the AGRO-ETHICAL GRAIN approach is the setting of a fixed wheat price guaranteed for 3 years. By means of this fixed price, AGRO-ETHICS overcomes the effects of financial speculation by providing visibility, security and serenity for the farmer and for the buyer.


The AGRO-ETHICS pact is based on reciprocal and fair commitments between the different actors of the cereals sector. Its goal is to ensure that everyone wins and to allow consumers the benefit of locally grown products, grown with an eye to sustainable development.

When you buy a product made from AGRO-ETHICAL wheat, you help to preserve local jobs, to guarantee French farmers an income enabling them to invest with a long term vision, and you are also helping protect the environment. All this, without paying a higher price for your bread!


Visit the agro-ethics website to learn more!